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Prior to commencing exercise, it is essential to stretch out your muscles to prevent injury, as well as to achieve optimum performance.  Each morning of physical training at OCS, you will perform the routine of stretches below.

Triceps Stretch

stretch procedures       stretch procedures

Standing with feet shoulder width apart, raise arm over head, bending at the elbow, and place hand centered between shoulder blades. Apply slight pressure to elbow with other hand, stretching the triceps.

Chest Stretch

stretch procedures     stretch procedures

Standing with feet shoulder width apart, clasp hands together behind back, interlacing fingers, and lift upward to stretch the chest.

ITB Stretch

stretch procedures

Standing with one foot crossed over the other at the ankle, place one hand on the hip. Extend the other arm upward, over the head, bending the torso to stretch the Ilio-Tibialis Band.

Inside Hurdler Stretch

stretch procedures

From a sitting position, extend one leg out while tucking the other leg in front of the hips with the knee pointed outward. Bend the torso forward toward the knee of the extended leg and grab the foot. At command "toes pointed outward", remove hand from the foot and grab the ankle and point the toes outward, stretching the back of the leg.

Groin Stretch

stretch procedures

stretch procedures

From a sitting position place both feet centered of the hips. Soles of the feet touching, with knees pointed outward stretching the groin.

Ankle Rotation

stretch procedures       

From a sitting position, extend one leg straight out. Hold the other leg under the knee, bending the leg, and rotate the foot at the ankle with the other hand. First rotate the ankle clockwise, then counter-clockwise stretching ankle muscles


Lower Back Stretch

stretch procedures

From a laying position, with back on the ground, extend one leg straight out, while holding the other leg behind the knee. Pull the leg towards the chest, stretching the lower back.

Quadriceps Stretch

stretch procedures

stretch procedures

From a laying position, with chest on the ground, one leg extended out, the other bent up at the knee, held at the ankle with the hand from the same side of the body. The other hand is in a fist, supporting the head under the chin.

Abdominal Stretch

stretch procedures

stretch procedures

Laying with chest on deck, extend both legs out and together. Upper body is supported with both fore-arms, head tilted upward to stretch the abdomen.

Posterior Shoulder Stretch

stretch procedures

stretch procedures

In kneeling position, one arm is crossed across the body, and held down at the wrist by the other hand. Lean upper torso in the direction away from the hands, stretching the posterior muscles of the shoulder.

Calf Stretch

stretch procedures

From the push-up position, walk feet towards the hands, bending upward at the hips, keeping hands planted. With legs straight, and feet flat on the ground, place one foot on the back of the other foot at the ankle, stretching the calf muscle.

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